Running With Ron

Running with Ron is a boutique running company that focuses on making running a lifestyle, not a hobby.  When you commit to Running with Ron, you are committing to ideals and methods which will be utilized in every facet of your life. There are no quick fixes to attaining your goals and in order to be the best you can be, it is essential to understand the fundamentals of running and have an excellent Coach.  If you are a first time runner, looking to improve your time for a race, desire to run a marathon, or simply need to lose a few extra pounds…Coach Ron has a plan for you!


Coach Ron

With over 25 years of running experience and 20 years of coaching athletes of all ages, Coach Ron is a dedicated professional who cherishes each seed he sows into individuals who desire to run.  For Coach Ron, running is the foundation of any physical regimen. He believes that if you are not conditioned and do not understand the fundamentals of exercise, you will never reach your personal best.

Coach Ron's Way

“Break them down and build them back the Ron way.”
Breaking an athlete down and rebuilding them is Coach Ron’s approach.  As a student athlete under six time Hall of Famer Coach George Williams, Head Coach of Track and Field for Saint Augustine’s University and the Head Coach for the 2004 U.S. Men’s Olympic Track and Field Team in Athens, Greece, Coach Ron was broken from old habits and ideals and built back the way that only a hall of famer could.   Ron has taken best practices from his former Coach and added new philosophies and techniques that have seen remarkable results. 


Customized Training:This monthly plan is designed for the athlete who needs to be held accountable.  Meet the Coach for an hour consultation to discuss your running goals and receive your initial assessment.  Within 48 hours of your initial consultation, Coach Ron will email your customized monthly running log to track daily routines, mileage counters, and pace guidelines. There will be a closeout session to chart your achievement after each month.  You will be asked to submit your running logs during Coach Ron’s weekly check in via email or phone.  Coach Ron will answer questions and tweak plans during your weekly check in. This customized four week plan is $100.

Pro-Runner Workouts:This weekly plan is for the ultimate runner who would like to learn how to run in its purest form.  Coach Ron will coach you on proficient running techniques, form, core strengthening and Coach Ron’s 12.2 running drills. These concentrated workout plans are customized to meet your needs and guaranteed to transform you into a fine tuned running machine.  Three hour sessions are recommended for the Pro-Runner Workouts.

Pro-Runner Workout is $60 per three hour session (ages 5-17) $90 per three hour session (ages 18 and up)

Private Training Pro-Runner Workout with Coach Ron: Coach Ron will bring the three hour workout to your home or neighborhood park for $70 per session (ages 5-17) and $100 per session (for adults).

Hour Running Sessions: An hour of intense training for experienced and inexperienced athletes. This hour is packed with warm up exercises, core training, and Coach Ron's 12.2 drills. This running intense hour will deliver the ultimate punch for those who have no time but an abundance of energy.

Hour Running Sessions are $250 for ten one hour sessions

Team Building:Coach Ron will commute to your team and deliver two hours of high intensity workout sessions designed to simulate the demands placed on an athlete during a game. The eight sessions will consist of, but not limited to:

  1. 1. Core training: A strong core is essential to correctly perform exercises, to lift a maximum amount of weight and to reduce your risk of injuries.

  2. 2. Breathing Techniques: When you know how to breathe better you perform better and reduce injury.

  3. 3. Sprint Test: Build speed and agility

  4. 4. 12.2 Drills: Coach Ron's signature routine that allows him to meet the needs of all athletes at their levels.

    *Session frequency and rates will be proposed after consultation with RWR.


  6. **All Services are discounted for subsequent sessions

Henson Valley Flyers

Henson Valley Flyers Track Club is a co-ed, USATF competitive track and field program.  All participants must join the Henson Valley Flyers Track Club.  The track team is open to athletes between the ages of 6 and 18, regardless of where they live.


The Henson Valley Flyers Track Club program covers every facet of track and field and emphasizes individual growth, sportsmanship, skill development, self-discipline and commitment in a structured and organized environment.  Competition events include sprints, middle and long distance, shot put, high jump, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, pole vault, javelin and discus.


The Henson Valley Flyers Track Club program encourages all athletes to participate in not only running events but field events as well.  This will give the athlete a wide range of options for competition and will improve the athlete’s overall development. PRACTICE is mandatory.  Track is an extremely time-intensive program, which demands the commitment of the athletes and the parents.

For more information on Membership, contact


Testimonial 1:

Coach Ron is an excellent of the best I've seen around. Thank you for getting my daughter back on track. We thought she had plateaued until you brought us back to basics of running. Thanks Coach. - Elliot

Testimonial 2:

Coach Ron introduced track and field to our school two months before the season was to start. Within two months of seeing my son do the same drills over and over again, he stepped on the track for the first time and came in 3rd for his heat for the 800m. I was totally shocked! We will continue to Run with Ron…he is an all around great guy and coach. - Jennifer

Testimonial 3:

Hey Coach Ron. I don't know if you remember, but I ran xc for you my sophomore year of high school at Bishop O'Connell. I just wanted to thank you for pushing me harder then really anyone else has pushed me. I just finished up my senior year of high school as a runner and student. My times have dropped by a lot since my sophomore year, and you are one of the key reasons why, along with others. I ran 15:49 for the 5k this xc season (17:13 sophomore year) and was state runner up, I was trying my best to attack the hills and hit my back pocket every race. For track I ran 1:58 for the 800m, 4:21 (4:41 sophomore year) for the mile and 9:30 (10:13 sophomore year) for the 2mile. WCAC champ in the mile and 2mile, second in the 800. I'm headed off to Christopher Newport University this fall, where i will be running xc and track. So i just wanted to let you know you made a pretty big impact on my life as a man and as a runner. I would not race with the tenacity i do today if it were not for you pushing me everyday at practice, through abs workouts, indian runs, hills, and more hills. Thanks again for everything you did, and i know you will be changing others lives, like you did mine. - JJ

Testimonial 4:

Before we put Taylor on the track team, he was acting out in class and not paying attention. I was hesitant to put Taylor in track and field because I did not know how he would respond to such rigorous training and daily practices. I can assure you, I will tell any parent that has an active child, track and field is the way to go. He now pays attention in class and his dedication to the team is amazing. - K. White

Testimonial 5:

Ron's passion for coaching young people is great. We loved our first year with the Henson Valley Flyers. See you next season, Coach! - C. Spencer

Testimonial 6:

In 2008, our daughter had the pleasure of being coached in track & field by Coach Ron Dickerson. His training taught her proper stretching techniques, form, and the benefits of endurance drills. You could clearly see Coach Ron's love of the sport and how he took the time to groom & encourage each of the runners no matter where they placed in a race. He embraced our daughter as if she were his own and has continued to mentor her from afar. - Norris Family

Getting Started

1. An initial consultation (FREE of charge) will be conducted in person, via phone or email to discuss your running needs, learn what Running with Ron can offer you and determine what to expect from your Running with Ron coaching experience. Contact Coach Ron to set up your initial consultation:
Mobile: 240-435-4412

2. Once you select your service, download the training agreement and medical form and send it to Coach Ron as an attached document via email or hand delivery.

3. RWR will send you an invoice detailing your training schedule.


4. Within 48 hours of receipt of payment, you will meet Coach at a designated place for your sessions.